Welcome to Carbon Lilies!


We are John Lilies and Lana Carbon and this our home.

We aren't really a blog. To be honest, we are still figuring out exactly what we are (blog? magazine? blogazine?) but we are thankful to have you by our side as we develop. Together we will bring you our thoughts and reflections on the various places we visit, things we see and hear, life stories, and occurrences we cannot explain.

Varied though they may be, we each have many interests and we hope to share them with you such that you may decide to visit, read, check out, listen to, explore, dream about and form your own ideas. We write under pseudonyms and of the opposite gender at that… because we want to, and maybe also to maintain our anonymity.

Our adventures take us to locations near and not so near; from small museums to major art galleries, walks through forests and historic towns, and listening to various podcasts that make us truly think and question our world. Given our attraction to the paranormal, we also delve into experiences with the unknown. You will find that we additionally interview some great and interesting folks who have their own amazing lives to share.

We hope you enjoy your time with us. Make yourself a comfy drink, grab your favourite blanket, get cozy and hang out for a while. Thanks for joining our journey and we look forward to hearing from you along the way.



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