Save the Haunted Walk

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2015


In response to a message we received from our amazing friends in Ottawa, we have discovered that the tour of the Ottawa Jail has been put in jeopardy (info here). Without it, the entire business itself might not be able to sustain itself.  We hope to change the minds of those people responsible.  If you have ever taken the tour, wanted to, or are even just a fan of history or the paranormal, please take a few moments and let others know how important this and tours like this are in the name of preserving our history and the love of storytelling.

If you could share the tweets of haunted walk on twitter, share this blog post or (best of all) write an email to the people included below just like we have telling them how important it is to share our heritage with others.



                                                                                                                                        Good Sirs,

    It has recently come to our attention that future plans concerning the Ottawa Jail will put an end to the public tours of this historic landmark. As travel/history bloggers, we have taken the wonderful tour provided by the Haunted Walk and were incredibly impressed with their knowledge and entertaining style of teaching their clients about the history of your city and this location specifically. Through our writing and word of mouth, we have inspired others travellers to visit our nation’s capital with the very mention of this particular tour.  In fact, we have just confirmed hat our friend visiting al the way from Germany took our advice and will be attending the tour this very Wednesday.

    My partner and I took this tour last year and have been planning our return visit since the very day we left…including staying in the Hostel itself for the night. And why would we decide to stay there? It is a simple answer… because of the Haunted Walk. The stories they tell of this location make people want to return. They make us curious about the possibilities of what else the building holds besides an incredible time in Canadian history.

So in closing, we beg you to reconsider anything that may jeopardize the Haunted Walk from continuing to operate and draw in what must be an immense amount of tourism for both the city and the hostel itself. After all, I know that when I think about Ottawa, I think Parliament Buildings, Beaver Tails and the Haunted Walk (not necessarily in that order).

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Lana Carbon and John Lilies

Carbon Lilies