OCTOBER 24th, 2014


We had initially planned this entry to be about our most recent trip and we promise that we will post that shortly. However, we feel the need to extend our sincere appreciations to a few people first.

We launched our blog only one week ago and we want to give our thanks to those of you who have already read our first articles and shared your touching feedback. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to provide us any comment that will help improve the experience for you, our readers. We would like to share some of the initial remarks we received.

Our very first review was provided by Phil Henry, fellow Ontarian and para-enthusiast who had such lovely things to say and thankfully agreed to our sharing of his thoughts:

“My brutal, honest, and unforgiving take on your new blog. First off, let me say that I did read all three. The intro, 1.1 , your blog, 1.2, and of course, your subarticle. Let me start by saying, I am not familier with Prince Edward County, although I have driven by the Sandbanks sign, many a time. I don’t think I could bring myself to go into that little shop…Dead Peoples Things. That is a very good read in itself. (even if that was all you wrote about). But since you were on a little tour. it also took me back to just a few short years ago. My wife and I were avid anglers, so we know first hand of the towns. NOT so much of their history though. Port Hope…Well written as well. Hope you do go back, and tell us more. This was a fav. spot. Never saw too much of the town. Too busy fishing the Ganaraska River. :) Port Perry, and Scugog Island. Another great getaway for fishing. (of course). You sure brought back a lot of memories. ONE thing I never knew about, surprisingly, is Ghost Road. Glad I read your subarticle. I’ll have to go back just to try and catch a glimpse. Well done again. (note to ones careful of which B&B you go to ;) ) Fenelon Falls. Wow ! It’s been so long. I used to eat at the restaurant right beside/below the falls. Beautiful little town. Another must read (and must visit). I did notice you left out Lakefield. Not much there really. Except, that is where Prince Andrew went to a private all boys school. Another quaint little town. This brings me proudly to your article on Peterborough. You are right. The museums there are fascinating. You could learn so much about our past. This brings me to another tidbit for you on Peterborough. My Mothers family line actually founded Peterborough. They were the French..De La Fountaine (later, La Fountaine, and my mother’s own Fountaine) And their Scottish cousins the Thompsons. My mother’s 4th uncle was Sir Wilfred Laurier. Yes, that one. He is on our $5:00 bill. He married an Indian Princess, though most books may say her name, this was not mentioned. That is how I got Native blood in me.. On Georgian Bay, there is a little hamlet called La Fountaine. That was mom’s Aunt Clara. Anyway, let me get back to what I was to write about I was here for a review on your blog, not to talk of me or my family history. Sorry about that. I would totally recommend this to anyone. Well written, well read. You kept it interesting, with a touch of humour. I will definitely be looking forward to more of your blog, and these little adventures. If you get to talk about any paranormal things while you are at it, it could really hold the interest even more. I do love what you have done so far. Keep it up, Lana and John “

Thank you Phil… we are so very thankful for your reflections.

Our second review was from Patrick Keller, the man responsible for the fantastic blog The Big Séance – My paranormal world, and also The Big Séance Podcast; one of our absolute favourites. Please visit Patrick’s website and show this guy your support.

“Yaaaaaaay! I’m so excited for you both. I’m not very familiar with blogs on Tumblr, but it has a nice look (and I’m on my phone now.) I LOVE the way you write as if we’re listening to a conversation between the two of you! So cute. I would have loved to be with you at Dead People’s Things, and it’s so very nice to finally get to know a bit about the great Carbon Lillies that have been such great supporters of mine!”

Thank you Patrick for your encouraging and kind support of our first steps. We really do love listening your podcast - entertaining, joyful and interesting to say the least.

Last but not least for our reviews was a brief message from @Apachegirl64 (Sheri of S.P.I.R.A.T. Paranormal): “Love the new blog!! Can’t wait for you to post more!!”

Thanks Sheri!!

Though we plan to go into detail in our next post, we do wish to extend our gratitude to the gang from The Haunted Walk of Ottawa. Our new friends were incredibly welcoming and we could not have enjoyed our time with them more. We are so grateful none of you and yours were harmed during the devastating events that took place in Ottawa this week. #OttawaStrong #OttawaProud

This brings us to our next expression of deepest appreciation.

We would be remiss to allow this week to pass without the mention of the tragedies that have befallen our soldiers in Canada. On October 20th we lost Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec and on and October 22nd we lost Corporal Nathan Cirillo of Hamilton, Ontario. These brave gentlemen died in senseless violence and our hearts go out to their fellow soldiers, families, friends and countrymen alike. Canada’s heart has broken and though we stand strong, free and proud, we will not be the same. Thank you to our armed forces, for all that you do and for the sacrifices you make each day by simply wearing your uniforms.

We must also make special mention of our Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, who ended the violence on Parliament Hill and to the civilians and emergency workers who went towards danger to help our fellow citizens in need. We should all hope to hold in ourselves an ounce of your bravery and selflessness.

An emotional week to be certain but press on we must and so with a final tip of the hat to you all, we will meet you at the next post.