A New Adventure

MARCH 10th, 2015


It has been a while since our last post to the blog. An exciting opportunity came up that I definitely had to capitalize on which I knew was going to make it difficult to dedicate time to writing. I have debated just how much to share as we do want to keep our anonymity but, in vague details, John and I decided we were going to live together. So a new job was in order (luckily my employer makes it easy to transfer from one location to another). I figured that a short adjustment period was to follow but I had no idea just how long it would be.

Unfortunately, life occasionally takes unforseen twists that can alter our finely laid out plans. The week I was to finish packing up my belongings, I was in a car accident. A trip to the hospital revealed that I had a concussion, whiplash and potentially bruised or, even broken, rib. The move needed to be delayed and the start date at the new job had to be pushed back while I recovered.

It seemed like so much needed to happen and I couldn’t do any of the tasks necessary to take the biggest step of my life. John was completely supportive and did everything to make the transition as easy as possible.

Now here we are just over a month later. I am back to my old self, living in a new city with my best friend, getting used to the new job and finally having some time to write a little.

I have missed this and I just want to thank everyone for their patience and well wishes. Hopefully there will be a lot less time between posts going forward.