Wading Through Uncharted Waters (or Is There Any Water and Are We In Fact Wading)

NOVEMBER 26th, 2015


I remember back to when we started writing our blog and thinking that if anyone at all (outside of family) even read it, I would be amazed. This was something that John and I wanted to do primarily for ourselves. It was just a fun way to keep track of our little trips, vacation time and the interesting places that we might pop into along the way. We enjoyed the adventure of not only reaching our destination but the actual journey itself. We are intrigued by the paranormal and so we threw in a little of that. We added a few little tidbits about days that were special to us…the holidays, Remembrance Day and, of course, Hallowe’en.

We joined social media with our new aliases and started chatting with a lot of interesting people and out of the blue one day; I thought it might be an interesting post to have an interview with a real life paranormal investigator. John was a little surprised, to say the least, having the news of our impending interview sprung on her. (Sorry John.) We had no idea what we were doing and it was so unlike what we had been posting up to that point… but we did have a lot of fun with it. Our horizons were slowly expanding. We hoped to do more interviews some day (after we had time to recover from this one of course).

Time passed and we continued writing about the things we love. Our social media accounts kept growing at a slow but steady pace. We had no idea, however, that the friendships we were building online would lead to such an interesting month as the one we have just had. It is no surprise to our readers, that we are huge fans of the Haunted Walk and we try to support them in any way we can. They contacted us to help them out with their Hallowe’en Haunted Talk podcast episode with their guest, psychic/medium Chris Medina. It turned out we were invited on the episode to receive a (truly accurate) reading. There was only time for one of us on the episode and I somehow managed to coerce John into being the one because I knew she would do an excellent job…much better than I would have in my opinion (despite John’s fervent disagreement to this point).

When our spooktacular friends Diane Student and Denise Moormeier from the History Goes Bump podcast were putting together a research crew, we knew we would like to help them out. In September, we joined our hosts and a few other new researchers to record the anniversary round table episode. Just this week, another episode we worked on, Ottawa’s Carleton County Gaol, was released (which we happily discovered featured an interview with the Haunted Walk’s Jim Dean - also host of the podcast Haunted Talks - and an actual excerpt straight from our blog).

Finally, due to our 31 Movies and 31 Songs in 31 Days of Hallowe’en article, Patrick Keller of the Big Séance podcast asked if he could interview us. He had been following our progress every day as we would post which movie we had watched and which song we had listened to. We couldn’t believe it… Someone actually found our little project entertaining and interesting enough to want to share it with their listeners. We are still flabbergasted. The Big Séance episode should be out within a few days of us posting this entry. Patrick was gracious enough to be our second guest for the blog, allowing us to interview him as well. (Watch for that interview in an upcoming post.)

For two introverted bloggers getting their feet wet in a sea of wonder, it has been a roller coaster ride of nerve wracking, sweat-inducing, butterfly-in-the-tummy craziness…and I, for one, wouldn’t have traded it in for anything. So thank you very much Patrick, Diane, Denise and Jim for giving us an adventure of a new kind. We can hardly wait to see where the road takes us.